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State of the Incant Address.

Our main issue for tonight is:

Your Mod Sucks.

She apologizes for that profusely. She would send you her sorries in a lovely frilly basket tied with a great red bow and filled with chocolates, but that would require a much stronger cash flow. One like the white water rapids.

I really, truly am here to apologise, guys. I posted (on Saturday, was it?) promising to post to you on Sunday, or Monday, but I have been so incredibly busy this past week, dealing with my own multitude of tasks to complete along with trying to comfort my friend as she puts her pet to sleep, and it all adds up to me not being here. I won't lie to you and say that I haven't done any RPGing, but it was me catching up in a game which I have been unfairly neglecting for months in favour of moderating Priori. I'm here, now. I have an hour, and in this hour, I am going to attempt to accomplish several posts as well as modly things.

We're a bit behind on our major plot. Chris is very unwell, and I'm busy. We haven't been able to do what we mean to. I'm going to have to post to you once again about what should be going on in the Wizarding World. I only wish that we had this better, and that you guys could be more involved in it. You will in about April, I promise. I know that it's hard to be interested when there's not that much happening that your character can get into. But hopefully what I post (in my next post, this is just about posting and my absence, really) will have some sort of meaning to you. And I will suggest ways in which you can involve your characters in it at the end.

For now, there are some people whom I would like to see posts from. I didn't get that out this week, and so I'm doing it today. Next Saturday, I should have another. And so on. I want to stay caught up with this. I hope you all can understand that this was a hard week for me. And I know that it was an even harder week for others; those of whom I won't be putting on the list. If I put you on here and we previously discussed your inability to post for the time being, just say "Hey, we talked about this, remember?" and I should remember. I just don't remember most things right about now.

I really think it's important that you guys try to create more threads, or at least journal posts. February is a horrible month. I'm taking back my demand that you do those character relations forms. I'm really glad to have seen some of you do them, though, and feel free to do it if you have the desire and the time. But I don't (well, I have the desire, but not the time), and it seems that many of you don't, either. So don't worry about that. If you make one, I'll be sure to reply to it, though.

There is so much that I feel as if I should be doing for this game that I haven't. I will quickly write up who needs to post, put up the current plot situation, and then I will post myself, and comment to the people who need to. Again, special apologies to Amy for not tagging quicker, and now to Erin for taking so long with that H / R thread.

I'm just making a list. I don't have the energy to organize it.

- Harry Potter
- Ron Weasley (tag to Harry, at least)
- Lavender Brown
- Parvati Patil
- Mellie Dewitt
- Ginny Weasley
- Euan Abercrombie
- Mayzie Bradley
- Wayne Hopkins
- Eloise Midgen
- Pascual d'Avion
- Adam Summers
- Etienne Delacroix
- Abigail Wellings
- Michael Corner
- Anthony Goldstein
- Su Li
- Morag MacDougal
- Lisa Turpin
- Stephen Cornfoot
- Luna Lovegood
- Sarah Fawcett (tag to Astrid)
- Draco Malfoy
- Vincent Crabbe
- Daphne Greengrass
- Theodore Nott
- Bridgette Dorny
- Cydney Heidegger
- Benedict Dunstan
- Kiara Bundy
- June Lennox
- Malcolm Baddock
- Adrian Pucey
- Severus Snape
- Sybill Trelawney
- Jules Underwood
- Vivienne Willowcroft
- Chris Jennings
- Cassandra Lamport
- Pia Xadora
- Faith Adams
- Sean Sutherland
- Iseul Yoon
- Kate Dawson

Does anyone else see a problem with that?

I'll get on my other promises, now.

- Lori
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