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Did you want any deja vu with that?

As my subject line indicates, I'm going to subject (no pun intended! - Well, a little bit of pun was intended; I love puns) you all to some deja vu. I realize that last week I promised to be a good girl, get reply-y, and just be as dedicated as anyone could possibly be, but I'm still sick and for the past two weeks, have been in a complete funk emotionally. Fortunately, said funk miraculously disappeared on Thursday, though my drive (not sexual, you perverts! Actually, I'm probably the only person who thought that way, and thus, I am the pervert) is not all it could be. My RPG drive, I mean. For that, I apologize. I really will put all the effort I've got into posting and replying and everything, because I love Priori and I'm also a mod. If the mod isn't posting, then the players generally feel as if they don't have to.

So, I'll get on that. I'll reply to your posts more. For instance, Meru, you made an Anthony Goldstein post, and it was long and it showed a side of Anthony that we've never seen before. I should have replied to that, and I feel awful that I didn't. It's stuff like that that discourages people (or at least, me) from posting. I realize that it's very old, but I'm going to have Alexis reply to it anyway. I love Anthony, and he should get play. I see that everyone's making an effort, and for that, I thank you - especially when I've been making not as much effort as I should. Plotwise, I've done everything, but my absence is quite obvious.

With that, I'll move on to


- Ron Weasley
- Harry Potter
- Parvati Patil


- Madison Capper
- Mayzie Bradley
- Justin Finch-Fletchley
- Sally-Ann Perks
- Pascual D'Avion
- Adam Summers
- Etienne Delacroix
- Abigail Wellings


- Michael Corner
- Anthony Goldstein
- Alexis Moon
- Lisa Turpin
- Luna Lovegood


- Draco Malfoy
- Theodore Nott
- Daphne Greengrass
- Pansy Parkinson
- Cydney Heidegger
- Benedict Dunstan
- Kiara Bundy
- Roland Battersby
- Malcolm Baddock
- June Lennox


- Sean Sutherland
- Faith Adams
- Kate Dawson
- Fred Weasley


- Severus Snape
- Chrys Vector
- Jules Underwood
- Rhys Finbar
- Chris Jennings
- Pia Xadora
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