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The Plot.

I will be posting for Harry right now as if what Chris and I planned for Ron actually happened. Chris, I hope you're not upset with me for that.

Now, I'm going to be putting an (edited) excerpt from the timeline here to make my life easier.

What's Happening?

(a week or two ago)
The Death Eaters return to gathering power quietly for the time being, as well as recruiting by force. They're making use of Cornelius Fudge's ineptitude, as to avoid an uproar, he's not been sending out as many Aurors as he should be. The Daily Prophet prints bits of information about Muggles gone missing here and there, but the paper is becoming more and more frivolous.

Dumbledore, barely at Hogwarts now, continues to prepare the Order for war while his employees prepare the somewhat unknowing students and attempt.

Harry has snapped again, as he did with Colin in the library. This time, it's aimed at best friend, Ron Weasley. Harry's words are harsh enough that Ron separates himself from him, and vice versa, causing Harry to rely on Mellie more, because naturally, Hermione would take Ron's side. There's no truly good reason for Harry's behaviour. Harry wonders at himself. Harry and Ron will resolve their issues in a couple days. A post about it would be nice, Erin, if you can?

Some other stuff is to be happening - right now. Everyone friend dp_newspaper immediately, if you haven't yet. I will be making a lot of posts about what's going on from different character's perspectives, so look for the rest of the information via that. I want to keep it as IC as possible. I hate just telling you guys what's up through the OOC. It sucks.

I think that's all. This was a little jumbled sounding, but I think my point got across. Hopefully.
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