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Exercise in Character Relations

Here it goes...

Harry Potter- My very best friend. True, he can be difficult, but it's not his fault! I'll always love Harry like a brother.
Ron Weasley- My other very best friend. And maybe something more.
Hermione Granger
Lavender Brown- Always wants to give me a makeover. She's totally taken in by Trelawney and all that divining rot. On the whole, however, she's very nice (though gossipy) and I like her.
Parvati Patil- Lavender's best friend but more tolerable. We talk sometimes. I still find it hard to believe she got involved with Malfoy of all people! Poor girl.
Ginny Weasley- Ron's little sister. She's probably one of my best friends after Harry and Ron.
Amelia Dewitt- I don't know her very well, but she seems very nice. Harry seems to like her a lot...
Euan Abercrombie- It's puzzling how he ever got into Gryffindor. He's afraid of his own shadow.
Mayzie Bradley- Best friends with Madison Capper. I don't really talk with them much. They always seem more involved with silly mundane things rather than academic achievement.
Madison Capper- See above.
Justin Finch-Fletchley- He's not so bad.
Wayne Hopkins- a little strange.
Eloise Midgen- She's nice. Into music.
Sally-Ann Perks- Rather lacking in the brain department.
Pascual d'Avion- Must be from the continent.
Adam Summers- Eccentric, to say the least.
Étienne Delacroix- He's alright. I think he has a thing for Colin Creevey. You know, a thing.
Abigail Wellings- Friends with Adam Summers, so definitely a little loopy.
Michael Corner- Ginny's ex. Need I say more?
Anthony Goldstein- I don't really know him.
Su Li- She's nice.
Morag MacDougal- Thinks she's so clever...
Lisa Turpin- Nice, but very shy.
Stephen Cornfoot- I always see him studying in the library, so he must be alright.
Alexis Moon- I don't really know. Harry talked to her before, I think.
Luna Lovegood- A little off her rocker, but she's a good person and she's very brave. Her father's disreputable magazine comes in handy too.
Sarah Fawcett- I don't know her, really. She's supposed to be involved with Astrid Dalkin.
Astrid Dalkin- see above.
Draco Malfoy- Git. Scum. That time I punched him in third year was one of the best days of my life!
Vincent Crabbe- Malfoy's tag-along. Has the intellectual capacity of a worm. Well, just below worm would really be more accurate.
Daphne Greengrass- A Slytherin. I wouldn't trust her.
Theodore Nott- Probably wishes he was as notorious as Malfoy.
Pansy Parkinson- I can think of several words to describe Parkinson, but I won't write them down. Doted on Malfoy for ages.
Bridgette Dorny- She seems especially evil.
Cydney Heidegger- I don't really know her. I heard that she's not so bad for a Slytherin, but still.
Benedict Dunstan- He's going to marry Parkinson. How nice for him.
Kiara Bundy- Another Slytherin.
Roland Battersby- Same as above.
Malcolm Baddock- Goes with June Lennox, I think.
June Lennox- A very mean girl.
Adrian Pucey- A Slytherin as his sir name clearly suggests.
Professor Severus Snape- The meanest and most difficult professor in the whole school. Harry and Ron don't trust him, but he must be alright if Dumbledore says so.
Professor Sybill Trelawney- A complete fraud, obviously.
Professor Remus Lupin- He's wonderful! And so misunderstood.
Professor Celeste Sinistra- She's nice.
Professor Iokaste "Chrys" Vector- A pretty good professor.
Professor Julianna Underwood- A good professor, but doesn't give enough homework.
Professor Vivienne Willowcroft- Her class is very enjoyable.
Professor Christopher Jennings- He's alight. There should be more exams in his class, though.
Rhys Finbar- Trelawney's protege. He can be very rude.
Cassandra Lamport- She helps out Hagrid which is probably a good thing.
Pia Xadora- Need I go on?
Marie Heidegger- She seems nice.
Sean Sutherland- n/a
Faith Adams- Alright, I guess.
Iseul Yoon- No one seems to like her much.
Kate Dawson- n/a
Lucius Malfoy- Evil Death Eater.
Geoffrey Cambridge- n/a
Elsa Thurkell- n/a
Natalia Mantovani- n/a
Fred Weasley- He's great, I mean, irresponsible.
Dougal Morgan- n/a
Auria ti Ringrazio- She's nice, I think.
Roger Davies- I guess most girls find him attractive. He dated Fleur Delacouer for a while.
Clara Warrington- Is she a singer or something?
Brady Fowler- n/a
Adrian P. Fairclough- n/a
Celeste Samuels- Do I know her?
"Obhool"- n/a
Bellona Broomfield- n/a
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