Rhys Finbar (star_chart) wrote in priori_ooc,
Rhys Finbar

Harry Potter
Ron Weasley-Red hair keeps him from knowing
Hermione Granger-Tries too hard to know
Lavender Brown-Truly brilliant girl
Parvati Patil-Cute
Ginny Weasley-see Ron Weasley...red hair...
Amelia Dewitt- ...I'll just leave it at that
Euan Abercrombie-Young but extremely gifted
Mayzie Bradley-She has Beater on the brain too much to know
Madison Capper-too much herald, not enough knowing
Justin Finch-Fletchley
Wayne Hopkins-too many girls, not enough knowing
Eloise Midgen-I think she has a boy on the mind, instead of knowing
Sally-Ann Perks-Perky
Pascual d'Avion-Thank you Mme. D'Avion for those wonderful croissants
Adam Summers-Average student
Étienne Delacroix-Tres Magnéfique!
Abigail Wellings- A little wacky, but she has the eye
Michael Corner-Satisfactory
Anthony Goldstein-E for Effort
Su Li-B for boring
Morag MacDougal-Too much Pomfrey, not enough knowing
Lisa Turpin-Good student
Stephen Cornfoot-Not so good.
Alexis Moon-Hardworking
Luna Lovegood-Little weird, also has the eye
Sarah Fawcett- Divination is not her thing
Astrid Dalkin-Okay student
Draco Malfoy-Evil, but not quite evil enough. Knowing is evil.
Vincent Crabbe-bad with the crystal ball
Daphne Greengrass-mediocre
Theodore Nott-Super student
Pansy Parkinson-EVIL!
Bridgette Dorny-Traitor but equally EVIL.
Cydney Heidegger-She knows
Benedict Dunstan-Has no idea what is going on
Kiara Bundy-I predict Love and Marriage and hse will marry a shoe salesman
Roland Battersby-blah
Malcolm Baddock-OK
June Lennox-average
Adrian Pucey-I predict puce teeth
Professor Severus Snape-needs to learn the word, shampoo
Professor Sybill Trelawney-<3
Professor Remus Lupin-Hairy...at times
Professor Celeste Sinistra-Good teacher
Professor Iokaste "Chrys" Vector-Mathy
Professor Julianna Underwood-Bulimic
Professor Vivienne Willowcroft-Troubled
Professor Christopher Jennings-...can drink...a lot
Rhys Finbar-Oh you know...Bloody awesome
Cassandra Lamport-SHe knows animals
Pia Xadora-<3
Marie Heidegger({I have not had the misfortune of meeting the rest of these people})
Sean Sutherland
Faith Adams
Iseul Yoon
Kate Dawson
Lucius Malfoy-Nice wand
Geoffrey Cambridge
Elsa Thurkell
Natalia Mantovani
Fred Weasley-Same with the rest of the Weasley's...red hair.
Dougal Morgan
Auria ti Ringrazio-Guitar keeps her from knowing
Roger Davies
Clara Warrington
Brady Fowler
Adrian P. Fairclough
Celeste Samuels
Bellona Broomfield
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