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Character Views Part 2: Sixth Years and an Outsider

Astrid's and Etienne's are short, just did the people they knew/knew of.

Harry Potter - He's different now. I know he's been through a lot and hates feeling like he can't do anything about what's going on, but he still needs to learn that he isn't the only person in this world who is suffering and has problems.
Ron Weasley - Wonderful brother and great Keeper. Still a bit lost when it comes to girl's though. He's got quite a crush on Hermione.
Hermione Granger - A good friend and a very intelligent person. I hope she and Ron figure out what exactly to do.
Lavender Brown - She's very friendly, and means well, even if her gossip collumn is atrocious.
Parvati Patil - She dated Draco Malfoy. I fear for her common sense.
Ginny Weasley
Amelia Dewitt - Great friend and fellow Chaser. She had a crush on Michael, which wasn't the most advisable thing every, but she seems to be over it. She may be interested in Harry.
Euan Abercrombie - Scared little boy. Hides a lot.
Mayzie Bradley - She's alright.
Madison Capper - Was dating Michael, but that seems to have ended. Badly. Poor girl.
Justin Finch-Fletchley - He's alright.
Wayne Hopkins - Kind of perverted, but also a bit like Fred and George.
Eloise Midgen - She's nice. She's dating someone from the Weird Sisters, I think.
Sally-Ann Perks - She's nice, though I don't really talk to her that much.
Pascual d'Avion - He seems alright. He's French and new.
Adam Summers - He really likes his camera.
Étienne Delacroix - He's quiet, but he's friends with Colin so he must be alright.
Abigail Wellings - She friends with Summers and Luna. She's a bit overly fond of the Wasps, but I guess she's okay.
Michael Corner - The ex. He's turned out to be a bigger git than I ever dreamed.
Anthony Goldstein - Pervy Jewish boy. But amusing.
Su Li - She's nice.
Morag MacDougal - Sometimes she comes across as a bit bitchy, but she knows her stuff.
Lisa Turpin - She nice.
Stephen Cornfoot - He has a toad named Georgia. I wonder what would happen if Georgia met Trevor...
Alexis Moon - She seems nice. Investigative journalism looks like it might work for her, maybe.
Luna Lovegood - She's nice, even if she's a bit strange.
Sarah Fawcett - She's...quiet.
Astrid Dalkin - I hear she plays the violin.
Draco Malfoy - Ferret, git, etc. But "Weaselette" was a bit amusing, actually.
Vincent Crabbe - Whatever shall he do without Draco?
Daphne Greengrass - Eh, Slytherin.
Theodore Nott - He's gone, too, isn't he?
Pansy Parkinson - She was rather fond of Malfoy. I'm glad I'm not engaged.
Bridgette Dorny - Absolute bitch. Also gone, and I can guess to Whom.
Cydney Heidegger - She's alright, for a Slytherin.
Benedict Dunstan - Pansy's groom-to-be.
Kiara Bundy - Friend of Dorny's.
Roland Battersby - He's not too fond of Michael; I don't know if that's a plus or not, but his heart's closer to the right place than most Slytherins.
Malcolm Baddock - He follows Lennox around.
June Lennox - Where does she put all those clothes?
Adrian Pucey - I don't think I liked him much.
Professor Severus Snape - Needs to wash his hair. Kind of iffy on the in-the-know.
Professor Sybill Trelawney - She's...more nutty than not.
Professor Remus Lupin - He's great.
Professor Celeste Sinistra - Seems to actually live in the Astronomy Tower, almost.
Professor Iokaste "Chrys" Vector - Stately. Mum would want to feed her.
Professor Julianna Underwood - She's rather unlucky, poor thing.
Professor Vivienne Willowcroft - Friend of Underwood.
Professor Christopher Jennings - He's kind of cute. Nice smile.
Rhys Finbar - Trelawney, but male.
Cassandra Lamport - I like Hagrid better, but she's nice.
Pia Xadora - Trelawney, the junior edition.
Marie Heidegger - She's the only real counselor here.
Sean Sutherland - Who?
Faith Adams - See Sutherland.
Iseul Yoon - Kinda of bitchy.
Kate Dawson - n/a
Lucius Malfoy - Evil.
Geoffrey Cambridge - n/a
Elsa Thurkell - n/a
Natalia Mantovani - n/a
Fred Weasley - 'Nother brother! Great fun and has useful ideas as well as pranks.
Dougal Morgan - n/a
Auria ti Ringrazio - n/a
Roger Davies - He was alright at Quidditch, I guess.
Clara Warrington - Pretty, but not that interesting.
Brady Fowler - n/a
Adrian P. Fairclough - n/a
Celeste Samuels - n/a
"Obhool" - They were going to play at the Bash, I think?
Bellona Broomfield - n/a

Lavender Brown - She's either mean or clueless. I think I'll go with the clueless.
Sarah Fawcett - Love her. Love her, love her, lover her.
Professor Julianna Underwood - I used to have a crush on her.
Professor Vivienne Willowcroft - Same as Prof. Underwood.
Cassandra Lamport - Okay, so I had a lot of crushes.

Harry Potter - He was very mean to Colin.
Lavender Brown - She is my friend, but sometimes she does not understand things.
Mayzie Bradley - I do not know her very well, but she is nice.
Madison Capper - Also nice.
Pascual d'Avion - Is French.
Adam Summers - Abigail's friend the photographer.
Étienne Delacroix
Abigail Wellings - She is nice and her chess skills will improve with use.
Sarah Fawcett - She is like a sister to me, and I have always wanted one of those. Of all at this school, she understands me best.
Astrid Dalkin - The best thing that has happened to Sarah in a long time.
Draco Malfoy - Callous.
Marie Heidegger - Strange, but not judgemental.
Auria ti Ringrazio - She has a beautiful voice and can play the guitar very well. I think she's where Mamma got the idea to dye her hair red.
Roger Davies - He was cute.
Clara Warrington - She had a pretty voice.
"Obhool" - I was looking forward to hearing them play. I would like to meet them someday.
Bellona Broomfield - A wonderful woman. I hope to meet her soon.

Harry Potter - Oh, obvious. The Boy Who Lived.
Lavender Brown - Gossip collumnist. Not exactly sensitive. The Darling says she means well, but she's not perhaps the brightest thing ever.
Parvati Patil - Co-gossip collumnist.
Mayzie Bradley - Co-editor of the Hogwarts Herald. Has felt the sting of Brown's pen. My sympathies, regardless of her sexuallity.
Madison Capper - As above, so below.
Étienne Delacroix - The Darling. J's boy and my personal cause. Poor dear hasn't had it easy.
Sarah Fawcett - Good friend of the Darling. Lesbian. Has been a terget of the pen of Brown as well. Best wishes to her and her lady-love.
Astrid Dalkin - Girlfriend of Fawcett. Ah, young love.
Draco Malfoy - Advice collumnist. Pfft, some advice. Bigot, budding hate-monger.
Cydney Heidegger - Phil's little sister. Frisky little thing, apparently.
Professor Julianna Underwood - The name is familiar...oh yes. Bumped into things.
Professor Vivienne Willowcroft - Couple of years ahead of me. Bookish.
Professor Christopher Jennings - He was cute.
Cassandra Lamport - I think she played Quidditch.
Marie Heidegger - Made friends with Andi. Phil's eldest sister, counselor-type. Likes ABBA and, apparently, "Rock the Casbah".
Sean Sutherland - Was quiet, I think.
Lucius Malfoy - Bastard.
"Obhool" - Up-and-coming young musicians. Philis Heidegger on guitar and vocals, Petra Kvochick on bass and sometimes vocals, and Irena "Blondie" Jankowski on drums and rarely vocals. Philis is the sixth of seven children, all female. Bit of a rebel, yet still tied to some rather conservative views. Petra is the Dark Lady of trio. Her mother died when she was very young. She has three older brothers; one is dead, one is dead to her, and the other is "as good as dead if Father ever finds him." She and daddy dearest are quite estranged; he was very pleased when she mad the Hungarian National Quidditch team, but very displeased upon learning 1) that she's a lesbian, and 2) that she disagrees with him when it comes to blood "purity". He kicked her out. And then she lost her leg this year and has been trying to get back into Quidditch and come to terms with the loss of her former mobility. She's the group's main lyricist, so it's no wonder their songs are edgy. Blondie's the one who keeps the band together. She's a light-hearted, good natured, and rather exhuberant girl, not to mention Petra's anchor. Petra's got a good thing, and she knows it. They're a lovely pair.
Bellona Broomfield - That would be me. Ravenclaw, class of 1989, average student. Went into journalism and ended up as UnderCover's rising star before going on to start I/OU. Girlfriend of the lovely, and rather tall, Kris Romero; boss of Gerald Flint, Andi Desmond, and Joe Whisper, among others. Oh, and since Kris is also my personal assistant — oh the joy of making that a double entendre — I am also her boss as well, eventhough she has me wrapped around her little finger.
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