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Exercise in Character Relations, Part 3: The Slytherin Situation.

Okay, so I stole that from Amy's "the Heidegger Connection." What are you going to do about it? ;)

Harry Potter - Loony fraud; he's been lucky, but it won't last. Gets more attention than he's worth.
Ron Weasley - Pathetic, poor, plebeanic sidekick of Potter. Just another obnoxious Weasel undeserving of a second glance.
Hermione Granger - Mudblood bookworm. Bad teeth, bad hair, moronic friends. There's nothing good about her.
Lavender Brown - Annoying.
Parvati Patil - I care for her more than she knows.
Ginny Weasley - Worthless Weaselette. Too many freckles.
Amelia Dewitt - Fat mudblood girlfriend of Potter.
Euan Abercrombie - Oxymoron.
Mayzie Bradley - Hermaphrodite 1.
Madison Capper - Hermaphrodite 2.
Justin Finch-Fletchley - Should have been petrified permanently.
Wayne Hopkins - Obscene imbecile.
Eloise Midgen - Ugly.
Sally-Ann Perks - Dumb as a post.
Pascual d'Avion - I hate the French.
Adam Summers - Mad.
Étienne Delacroix - I still hate the French.
Abigail Wellings - As mad as her boyfriend.
Michael Corner - He dated a Weasel. Pathetic, and an amateur Quidditch player at best. Couldn't insult his way out of a paper bag, which is shocking, considering that he probably lives in one.
Anthony Goldstein - Who?
Su Li - Whiny.
Morag MacDougal - Bitch.
Lisa Turpin - Weak.
Stephen Cornfoot - Boring.
Alexis Moon - Nosy.
Luna Lovegood - Loony.
Sarah Fawcett - Lesbian.
Astrid Dalkin - Lesbian.
Draco Malfoy - Perfect.
Vincent Crabbe - Stupid and fat, but he comes in handy.
Daphne Greengrass - Bitch.
Theodore Nott - Annoying.
Pansy Parkinson - A true friend. She's always there to tell me that I'm right.
Bridgette Dorny - I don't know why Mother can't see through her false, ugly exterior.
Cydney Heidegger - Good company.
Benedict Dunstan - Irritating child undeserving of Pansy's hand.
Kiara Bundy - Friends with Dorny.
Roland Battersby - Dated a hermaphrodite. Must be insane. Horrible Quidditch player.
Malcolm Baddock - Alright.
June Lennox - Talks too much.
Adrian Pucey - I despise him. He's obsessed with me.
Professor Severus Snape - He should have been made Headmaster.
Professor Sybill Trelawney - She's absolutely insane. I would never take Divination. I don't need easy classes like the rest of those morons.
Professor Remus Lupin - Someone like him shouldn't be allowed to teach.
Professor Celeste Sinistra - I don't really care either way.
Professor Iokaste "Chrys" Vector - She could stand to lose a little weight.
Professor Julianna Underwood - Boring. I despise red hair.
Professor Vivienne Willowcroft - Boring but attractive.
Professor Christopher Jennings - I don't really care either way.
Rhys Finbar - As insane as Trelawney, if not moreso. I don't see why Dumbledore would hire people like that, but then again, I also don't see why Dumbledore would have been hired.
Cassandra Lamport - She would be acceptable if she didn't associate with that oaf Hagrid.
Pia Xadora - See Finbar.
Marie Heidegger - She's acceptable.
Sean Sutherland - n/a.
Faith Adams - I believe that she's an Auror.
Iseul Yoon - Father wants to kill her slowly.
Kate Dawson - Another Auror.
Lucius Malfoy - My father.
Geoffrey Cambridge - A close associate of father's. I wouldn't mind him weren't he related to Dorny.
Elsa Thurkell - Unimportant, but useful.
Natalia Mantovani - Father seems to like her well enough.
Fred Weasley - A Weasley with an ape-like sense of humor. More proof that they all look alike.
Dougal Morgan - n/a.
Auria ti Ringrazio - I hate red hair.
Roger Davies - He was uninteresting.
Clara Warrington - She once had tea with Mother.
Brady Fowler - n/a.
Adrian P. Fairclough - I've heard through Mother that he's related to Snape. They'll likely approach him soon.
Celeste Samuels - n/a.
"Obhool" - Heidegger's family's band. Strange.
Bellona Broomfield - n/a.

Harry Potter - Disfigured, lucky moron. It would be my honor to kill him.
Ron Weasley - A disgrace. Also on my list.
Hermione Granger - Mudblood. Friend of Potter. On my list.
Lavender Brown - Disgustingly cheerful, moronic mudblood. On my list.
Parvati Patil - Dated Draco. On my list.
Ginny Weasley - Another Weasley disgrace. On my list.
Amelia Dewitt - Mudblood, friend of Potter. On my list.
Euan Abercrombie - Some Gryffindor. Probably would be on my list if I knew him.
Mayzie Bradley - Annoying, Hufflepuff mudblood. On my list.
Madison Capper - Mudblood. On my list.
Justin Finch-Fletchley - Mudblood. On my list.
Wayne Hopkins - Moron. On my list.
Eloise Midgen - Mudblood, isn't she? On my list.
Sally-Ann Perks - Some Hufflepuff. Probably on my list.
Pascual d'Avion - I have no idea who that is, and couldn't possibly care any less.
Adam Summers - He has strange attachments to his camera, and irritates me. On my list.
Étienne Delacroix - I really don't care about him either way, but he is a Hufflepuff. On my list.
Abigail Wellings - Annoying. On my list.
Michael Corner - I wouldn't mind shagging him.
Anthony Goldstein - Him, too.
Su Li - Something about her is nauseatingly sweet. On my list.
Morag MacDougal - Nosy bitch. On my list.
Lisa Turpin - She's the type that you would torture instead of kill, then send back out into the world, just to see how much you fucked her up.
Stephen Cornfoot - I don't care about him.
Alexis Moon - She's irritating. On my list.
Luna Lovegood - Loony and annoying. On my list.
Sarah Fawcett - See Turnip Turpin.
Astrid Dalkin - See Fawcett.
Draco Malfoy - I've known him since birth, and I've despised him since then. I've never met a more whiny, spoilt brat than Draco. He's a coward, too. I hope that he dies in battle very soon.
Vincent Crabbe - He's the size of a whale, and his father's an idiot.
Daphne Greengrass - She's hilarious.
Theodore Nott - He's the best lay I've ever had, and quite good for conversation as well.
Pansy Parkinson - She's nothing but a little follower, though she pretends not to be. I can see the games that she's playing with sides. Befriending a mudblood and associating with the Malfoys. She's dangerous, and her death would bring about nothing but good for me. On my list.
Bridgette Dorny
Cydney Heidegger - Loser, and a disgrace to the name of Slytherin. On my list.
Benedict Dunstan - Idiot. On my list.
Kiara Bundy - Wonderful conversationalist.
Roland Battersby - He's attractive; it's too bad that he's such a dolt.
Malcolm Baddock - Good-looking.
June Lennox - Twit. On my list.
Adrian Pucey - Idiot. On my list.
Professor Severus Snape - Traitor. On my list.
Professor Sybill Trelawney - Nut.
Professor Remus Lupin - Monster. On my list.
Professor Celeste Sinistra - Dull.
Professor Iokaste "Chrys" Vector - Dull.
Professor Julianna Underwood - Dull, I wish that Uncle Geoffrey had killed her.
Professor Vivienne Willowcroft - See above.
Professor Christopher Jennings - Attractive, but he should die.
Rhys Finbar - Another nut.
Cassandra Lamport - She's worthless.
Pia Xadora - Nut.
Marie Heidegger - See Cydney Heidegger.
Sean Sutherland - n/a.
Faith Adams - On my list.
Iseul Yoon - On my list.
Kate Dawson - On my list.
Lucius Malfoy - Attractive, charismatic, and a wonderful leader. It's too bad that he's been laid in Azkaban, but it's only a matter of time before we have him free.
Geoffrey Cambridge - The perfect uncle.
Elsa Thurkell - She's alright.
Natalia Mantovani - Devoted.
Fred Weasley - Another Weasley. On my list.
Dougal Morgan - n/a.
Auria ti Ringrazio - It was quite fun setting fire to her place with Milly.
Roger Davies - I don't care.
Clara Warrington - I don't care.
Brady Fowler - n/a.
Adrian P. Fairclough - Snape's son, isn't he?
Celeste Samuels - n/a.
"Obhool" - Stupid.
Bellona Broomfield - n/a.

Harry Potter - TBWL. Everyone hates him, but I don't really care either way.
Ron Weasley - TBWL's friend.
Hermione Granger - TBWL's other friend.
Lavender Brown - They call her Bouncy Brown for a reason!
Parvati Patil - She dated Malfoy, and he was a whole lot more pleasant during that time, so I like her.
Ginny Weasley - TBWL's friend's sister. Probably wants me.
Amelia Dewitt - TBWL's girlfriend who cheated on him with the Fat Friar, supposedly.
Euan Abercrombie - Housemate of TBWL. IS HE THE ONE THAT'S DATING MY SISTER?
Mayzie Bradley - Fun girl! I love the Mayzie Meister. She's a good friend.
Madison Capper - I still have many feelings for her, love feelings like I do for pudding - but she doesn't share them. Yet.
Justin Finch-Fletchley - Cool name. Dense guy.
Wayne Hopkins - Entertaining, to the max!
Eloise Midgen - Maddy's friend.
Sally-Ann Perks - Maddy's friend. She collects buttons, or shoelaces, or something.
Pascual d'Avion - Pas-KWAL Dur-A-vee-On.
Adam Summers - Has sex with his camera, for sure.
Étienne Delacroix - A little French boy with a little French secret, so I've heard.
Abigail Wellings - I believe she engages in threesomes with Summers and his camera, no?
Michael Corner - WILL DIE AT MY HANDS.
Anthony Goldstein - Very happy to be Jewish.
Su Li - Sooouu LEEE. Hur hur. Friend of Maddypads. Wants me, I'll bet.
Morag MacDougal - Evil devil worshipper from beyond.
Lisa Turpin - Quiet?
Stephen Cornfoot - Explodes things.
Alexis Moon - Talks so much about so many boring things.
Luna Lovegood - WeirdER.
Sarah Fawcett - Hot lesbian.
Astrid Dalkin - Hot lesbian.
Draco Malfoy - Dislike him. Have you seen that boy, by any chance?
Vincent Crabbe - Big and lean, on Draco's scene.
Daphne Greengrass - She hates too many things to be human.
Theodore Nott - He likes Dorny too much to be human.
Pansy Parkinson - She likes Draco too much to be normal, but she's alright, otherwise.
Bridgette Dorny - Oh oh oh, we won't get into that here. She turned me into a scallion, once.
Cydney Heidegger - She so obviously wants me.
Benedict Dunstan - I like the guy.
Kiara Bundy - She likes the Scallionator.
Roland Battersby
Malcolm Baddock - Got with The Boobs.
June Lennox - Boobtastic. She wants me.
Adrian Pucey - I liked him too.
Professor Severus Snape - My sister wants to braid his hair, and who can blame her?
Professor Sybill Trelawney - I love listening to her predict my death.
Professor Remus Lupin - Good teacher.
Professor Celeste Sinistra - She bores the pants off of me, but I suppose that's more the subject than her.
Professor Iokaste "Chrys" Vector - She's Charithmatic.
Professor Julianna Underwood - Pretty.
Professor Vivienne Willowcroft - Pretty.
Professor Christopher Jennings - He can turn into a tiger, so I like him.
Rhys Finbar - I love listening to him agree with everything that Trelawney says.
Cassandra Lamport - Pretty.
Pia Xadora - I love watching her shuffle those cards so that she can predict that bats will fly out of their caves, turn into multiple Snapes, and suck my blood until I'm nothing but bones.
Marie Heidegger - Good-humored and gullible. Her niece wants me. Cyd's her niece, right?
Sean Sutherland - n/a.
Faith Adams - n/a.
Iseul Yoon - YOOO-Un.
Kate Dawson - n/a.
Lucius Malfoy - Papa Malfoy.
Geoffrey Cambridge - n/a.
Elsa Thurkell - n/a.
Natalia Mantovani - n/a.
Fred Weasley - Funny.
Dougal Morgan - n/a.
Auria ti Ringrazio - Pretty.
Roger Davies - n/a.
Clara Warrington - Too mainstream.
Brady Fowler - n/a.
Adrian P. Fairclough - n/a.
Celeste Samuels - Fit me for robes and tried to cop a feel - Wants me!
"Obhool" - Band, and probably a good one, but I haven't heard them, yet.
Bellona Broomfield - Lady.

Harry Potter - Ugh! He's all I ever hear about these days! Honestly, he needs to visit a hair stylist, pronto. He has permanent bedhead. I would offer to help him myself, but I might catch Gryffindor Disease.
Ron Weasley - He's poor.
Hermione Granger - She should visit a hair stylist too. She'd look better bald, even.
Lavender Brown - She's the most annoying girl on the planet. How dare she think that she can steal my spot as captain without repurcussions? She's fat, too, and her shoes are so last month.
Parvati Patil - She's friends with Brown.
Ginny Weasley - She's poor!
Amelia Dewitt - Has anyone ever told her about a hairbrush? Honestly, what is it with Gryffindors and bad hair? I suppose that they're too busy running out and doing stupid things to think about it.
Euan Abercrombie - How on earth am I supposed to know who that is?
Mayzie Bradley - I always thought that she was a lesbian.
Madison Capper - Roland could have done so much better.
Justin Finch-Fletchley - Didn't he get petrified when I was a first year, or something? Has anyone ever told him that he needs to fix his hair?
Wayne Hopkins - That boy is insane. And I'm positive that I spotted him looking down my blouse, once!
Eloise Midgen - Her nose is really strange, isn't it? I think it should be illegal.
Sally-Ann Perks - Who?
Pascual d'Avion - He's a very attractive boy, isn't he?
Adam Summers - He would be alright if he wasn't a mad Hufflepuff.
Étienne Delacroix - Well, I hate to gossip, but I've heard that he's gay.
Abigail Wellings - She is so irritating, and whoever told her that black and yellow go well together obviously was misinformed.
Michael Corner - I find him to be rather attractive. I might have snogged him once, but then again, that might have been Miguel Petchler.
Anthony Goldstein - Some Ravenclaw boy.
Su Li - I heard that her father is dead, or something.
Morag MacDougal - She is so vile!
Lisa Turpin - Some Ravenclaw girl. She should go out with that Aaron Goldenberg fellow; they sound equally dull.
Stephen Cornfoot - I found out earlier in the year that he's a homosexual. He's still attractive, though. Perhaps I should set him up with that French Hufflepuff.
Alexis Moon - Some Ravenclaw girl.
Luna Lovegood - Oh, she's just out of her mind.
Sarah Fawcett - All I know is that she's a lesbian and that her mother is dead, so Daddy says I have to be nice to her if I want him to pull some strings and get me my Apparition license early.
Astrid Dalkin - I heard that she's dating Fawcett.
Draco Malfoy - Oh, Draco. I used to have such a hopeless crush on him, but he really does whinge. It's too bad, because he's quite adorable. I felt so awful for him when that Patil twit put a love spell on him; that's so pathetic. Mother wants me to marry someone like him. If they're as attractive, I certainly won't mind!
Vincent Crabbe - He's very fat.
Daphne Greengrass - I don't really mind her.
Theodore Nott - He's positively adorable.
Pansy Parkinson - She could stand to lose those thunderthighs, but other than that, she's acceptable.
Bridgette Dorny - I never liked her.
Cydney Heidegger - I don't really care either way for her. She bores me, and she's quite trampy.
Benedict Dunstan - He's nothing special.
Kiara Bundy - Neither is she.
Roland Battersby - Perverted and Hufflepuff-loving.
Malcolm Baddock - Malcolm is just about the sweetest thing to hit the earth.
June Lennox
Adrian Pucey - Oh, him.
Professor Severus Snape - A lovely man. I've always agreed with his view that Slytherin is better than everyone else.
Professor Sybill Trelawney - Ew.
Professor Remus Lupin - A werewolf! I mean, really!
Professor Celeste Sinistra - Dull.
Professor Iokaste "Chrys" Vector - Dull, and she has cellulite. Ew.
Professor Julianna Underwood - Beautiful hair.
Professor Vivienne Willowcroft - She also has lovely hair.
Professor Christopher Jennings - He's such a dish!
Rhys Finbar - Another dish, but he's insane.
Cassandra Lamport - She's just a little odd, I think.
Pia Xadora - Ew.
Marie Heidegger - She's that counselor, isn't she?
Sean Sutherland - n/a.
Faith Adams - Who?
Iseul Yoon - Who?
Kate Dawson - n/a.
Lucius Malfoy - Oh, he's handsome. You can tell where Draco gets his good looks from.
Geoffrey Cambridge - n/a.
Elsa Thurkell - n/a.
Natalia Mantovani - n/a.
Fred Weasley - Ew.
Dougal Morgan - n/a.
Auria ti Ringrazio - Lovely hair.
Roger Davies - Attractive.
Clara Warrington - I've met her!
Brady Fowler - n/a.
Adrian P. Fairclough - n/a.
Celeste Samuels - n/a.
"Obhool" - That band, or something. Honestly, what kind of a name is "obhool?"
Bellona Broomfield - Who?

I've skipped Sarah, because she honestly has no opinions on anyone but Astrid (who she adores), Lavender, Etienne (who she adores in a platonic way), and Colin (who she thinks is sweet and has been mistreated). Well, she likes Lisa and Padma makes her nervous. She doesn't trust Lavender. And that's it - the rest would be "n/a," so why bother?

More to come! I'm glad to see people doing this, and I'm off to reply to those posts right now! Everyone else should be doing that too. There's no template for it, just your reactions and what sorts of interesting interaction you think you could get based on these opinions.

- Lori
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