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Justin Finch-Fletchley

Harry Potter: Sorry about thinking you were evil and all that, but that snake was scary, mate.
Ron Weasley: You've got cool brothers. And your sister's cute.
Hermione Granger: Cleverest girl in school I think. Well, obviously.
Lavender Brown: A bit of a ditz. A lot of a ditz, actually.
Parvati Patil: Prettier, but not much better than above. If I had to carry on a conversation with one of them, it'd be her.
Ginny Weasley: You're cute. Glad you don't take after your brother.
Amelia Dewitt: Don't know her that well, but she seems like a very cool bird.
Euan Abercrombie: Buck up, old chap, come on!
Mayzie Bradley: Ying. What's not to like?
Madison Capper: Yang. Ditto
Justin Finch-Fletchley: Lazy chap. Way too tall.
Wayne Hopkins: Not as cool as he thinks, but don't tell him that.
Eloise Midgen: Her nose is off-center. No, she's very cool.
Sally-Ann Perks: She's a little goofy, but she's cute. It's good.
Pascual d'Avion: He has a funny name. Don't know him at all, unfortunately.
Adam Summers: Don't know him. Seems...alright
Étienne Delacroix: Uh... In a perfect world we'd be friends but he's...too effemanate for me to connect with. I suppose I'm no one to say he's got a funny name too.
Abigail Wellings: Tsk. If only she didn't like the Wasps. Just kidding, they're alright. And so is she!
Michael Corner: Don't like him. Don't like anyone who claims NEWTs are easy, actually.
Anthony Goldstein: Funny guy. Him I can get along with.
Su Li: She's.. something very special. I wish she'd open up a little more.
Morag MacDougal: Good god Morag. Hermione's parents are dentists right? I'd rather have a root canal than spend time with Morag. Ask Granger what it is. That'll give you a perfect idea.
Lisa Turpin: She's got an awesome smile. I've really got to have that drink of water with her before the world ends.
Stephen Cornfoot: Don't know him that well.
Alexis Moon: She writes a lot, it makes me a little dizzy. But she's cool.
Luna Lovegood: She's cool. A little..okay a lot goofy. Don't tell her this, but I feel for her and I hope she does well.
Sarah Fawcett: What was that? A ghost? A breeze? Oh, no it's Fawcett. Tough to tell the difference. Sheesh she's quiet.
Astrid Dalkin: Don't know her. I think she's alright though. Rooting for her.
Draco Malfoy: He's a bastard and a loudmouth, and Azkaban's too good for him.
Vincent Crabbe: If he fell in a forest, the trees would probably be holding their noses.
Daphne Greengrass: She's loud. And an idiot. And full of herself.
Theodore Nott: Smart, but in a very bad crowd.
Pansy Parkinson: Pansy, Pansy, Pansy. She's clever, pretty, engaged. The best word I'd use for what I think about her is "conflicted."
Bridgette Dorny: Arrogant little scag. Needs to be brought down a peg or six.
Cydney Heidegger: I don't know her really, except that she does music, which is cool. No Tremlett of course...
Benedict Dunstan: He's an odd fellow. Cool enough, for a Slytherin.
Kiara Bundy: Who would have thought it: another Slytherin prat.
Roland Battersby: Don't know him but I think...I think anyway that he's okay.
Malcolm Baddock: Don't know him. He's alright.
June Lennox: I don't know her but I think... she's a ditz. Yep.
Adrian Pucey: Wasn't a big fan when he used to play for the snakes' House Team. But he's alright.
Professor Severus Snape: Ugh. Snape.
Professor Sybill Trelawney: She's too batty, I really don't get why she's here. Moral? Ironic lesson?
Professor Remus Lupin: He's cool, obviously our best Defense teacher.
Professor Celeste Sinistra: She's very nice. I can't believe a woman like her teaches here.
Professor Iokaste "Chrys" Vector: Her too! What's going on here!?
Professor Julianna Underwood: Don't know her. Not my fault, she's pretty private, I think.
Professor Vivienne Willowcroft: Don't know her..but she knows her stuff, I guess.
Professor Christopher Jennings: Huh....don't know.
Rhys Finbar: Oh, that git.
Cassandra Lamport: She's okay, I guess.
Pia Xadora: Okay I don't know most of these guys so I'm just going to skip them because hey, I'm lazy.
Marie Heidegger
Sean Sutherland
Faith Adams
Iseul Yoon
Kate Dawson
Lucius Malfoy
Geoffrey Cambridge
Elsa Thurkell
Natalia Mantovani
Fred Weasley: He's cool!
Dougal Morgan
Auria ti Ringrazio
Roger Davies: Remember him from the team. He's all right.
Clara Warrington
Brady Fowler
Adrian P. Fairclough
Celeste Samuels
Bellona Broomfield

And that's it!
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