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Character Views Part 1: The Heidegger Connection

Harry Potter - The Boy Who Lived. He'd be alright if he wasn't so anti-Slytherin.
Ron Weasley - Potter's friend, Gryffindor keeper. His family is the same size as mine, though not as well off.
Hermione Granger - Friend of Potter and Weasley. Very smart
Lavender Brown - Exceedingly cheerful. She's been taking Crabbe and Goyle running. Not bad, as far as kissing goes.
Parvati Patil - Brown's friend. She was dating Draco.
Ginny Weasley - Ron's sister, Gryffindor chaser. Quite good at Quidditch.
Amelia Dewitt - Gryffindor chaser as well.
Euan Abercrombie - Small boy. Marie says he seems to be afraid of most things.
Mayzie Bradley - One of the Herald editors.
Madison Capper - WHISTLE. Was seeing Corner, but is spending a lot of time withe Battersby lately. I'm not jealous, really.
Justin Finch-Fletchley - He's alright, I suppose.
Wayne Hopkins - Good kisser.
Eloise Midgen - She's dating someone from the Weird Sisters.
Sally-Ann Perks - I don't really know her.
Pascual d'Avion - He's French.
Adam Summers - He's very attached to his camera.
Étienne Delacroix - The gay French boy. I guess he's part of the reason Obhool got discovered.
Abigail Wellings - A bit overboard when it comes to her favourite Quidditch team.
Michael Corner - Good looking. Bit of a flirt.
Anthony Goldstein - Cute. Was "G-d" at the Halloween dance.
Su Li - Plays quidditch?
Morag MacDougal - A bit bitchy, but she's very responsible.
Lisa Turpin - Don't know her very well.
Stephen Cornfoot - Has a toad.
Alexis Moon - Haven't actually spoken to her much.
Luna Lovegood - Is batty.
Sarah Fawcett - Quiet. Is a lesbian.
Astrid Dalkin - Fawcett's girlfriend.
Draco Malfoy - Easy on the eyes, but a bit childish on occasion. He's the sort Mother would want me to marry.
Vincent Crabbe - Malfoy's lackey. A bit thick, physically and mentally.
Daphne Greengrass - Tolerable.
Theodore Nott - Good looking, but Dorny's.
Pansy Parkinson - Not bad, really. She's engaged to Dunstan.
Bridgette Dorny - Grand Bitch. She's probably a Death Eater.
Cydney Heidegger
Benedict Dunstan - Never really struck my fancy, and anyway he is now Parkinson's.
Kiara Bundy - Dorny's friend, therefore to be avoided.
Roland Battersby - Quite a looker. May or may not be Capper's.
Malcolm Baddock - Lennox's boy. Kind of cute, nonetheless.
June Lennox - Annoying.
Adrian Pucey - He was...male. That's basically it.
Professor Severus Snape - My Head of House. King of All That Is Dungeony. Could use a bit of a tan.
Professor Sybill Trelawney - Absolutely insane.
Professor Remus Lupin - He's alright. Best DADA teacher we've had.
Professor Celeste Sinistra - Pretty.
Professor Iokaste "Chrys" Vector - Probably a classic sort of pretty, but could do with more curves and fewer angles.
Professor Julianna Underwood - Smart. She's had a rough time recently, though I don't know what about exactly.
Professor Vivienne Willowcroft - Stately. Friend of Underwood.
Professor Christopher Jennings - Cute fellow. Is apparently Lamport's.
Rhys Finbar - Nutty as a fruit cake.
Cassandra Lamport - TA. Likes animals and Prof. Jennings.
Pia Xadora - I don't really know her, but I suspect she's batty as well.
Marie Heidegger - My eldest sister. She means well, but is easily excited by strange things. I have the sneaking suspicion that she's attempting to play chaperone.
Sean Sutherland - n/a
Faith Adams - Is she one of those "counselors"?
Iseul Yoon - See Adams.
Kate Dawson - n/a
Lucius Malfoy - Draco's father and Death Eater semi-extraordinaire.
Geoffrey Cambridge - n/a
Elsa Thurkell - n/a
Natalia Mantovani - n/a
Fred Weasley - Brother of Ron and Ginny. Was a prankster.
Dougal Morgan - n/a
Auria ti Ringrazio - n/a
Roger Davies - Cute. Works at the Three Broom Sticks.
Clara Warrington - Good voice.
Brady Fowler - n/a
Adrian P. Fairclough - n/a
Celeste Samuels - n/a
"Obhool" - Philis' band. They're alright; old school chums. Too bad Petra lost her leg; Hungary needs help in Quidditch.
Bellona Broomfield - The reason Obhool now has a recording deal. That's about all I know. Oh, she runs that magazine. Whatever it's called.

Harry Potter - Has been through many troubles. Needs to work on anger management.
Ron Weasley - Is a fairly normal boy, fairly well adjusted, but still feels the need to prove himself.
Hermione Granger - Very intelligent.
Lavender Brown - Gregarious and generally happy-go-lucky. Have yet to see her genuinely unhappy, but I do not doubt that it would be painful for the heartstrings to observe. Apparently Cyd kissed her at a carnival the school had. Most surprising.
Parvati Patil - One of twins. Emotional, experiancing rocky love life.
Ginny Weasley - Sister of Ron. Much like her brother in temperment, though more active in the field of romance.
Amelia Dewitt - Friendly, though not so bubbly as Brown. Perhaps uncertain in affairs of the heart.
Euan Abercrombie - My little knight. I do so wish I could help him.
Mayzie Bradley - School paper editor. Social.
Madison Capper - See Bradley. Also appears to be recovering from a parting of ways with boyfriend.
Justin Finch-Fletchley - Hufflepuff.
Wayne Hopkins - Cyd kissed him at that carnival, as well.
Eloise Midgen - File says she once hexed off her nose. Is romantically involved with one of members of the Weird Sisters.
Sally-Ann Perks - Haven't really heard much about her. Hufflepuff.
Pascual d'Avion - French. New, have not dealt with him much. Aslo in Hufflpuff.
Adam Summers - Likes his camera. Got turned into a chair shortly before Andi did.
Étienne Delacroix - Andi's boss' source of insider information. French and homosexual.
Abigail Wellings - Edging toward Lovegood territory. Extreme quidditch fan.
Michael Corner - Has recently become quite the lady's man; possibley a heartbreaker. Should keep an eye on lest Cyd become interested.
Anthony Goldstein - Jewish. Amusing. Cyd has shown interest in him at times.
Su Li - Has family troubles, but is fairly well adjusted.
Morag MacDougal - Level-headed young woman. Will likely make an excellent Healer.
Lisa Turpin - Have not dealt with her.
Stephen Cornfoot - Very attached to his toad. Blows things up on occasion, I believe.
Alexis Moon - I have not really run into her.
Luna Lovegood - Possibley delusional, though harmless.
Sarah Fawcett - Very quiet girl, but most definitely head-over-heels for Dalkin.
Astrid Dalkin - Less quiet than Fawcett, and decidedly head-over-heels for her. I wish the best for them.
Draco Malfoy - Whiney, from what I've seen most. Old money complex.
Vincent Crabbe - Appears to be losing weight. How delightful for him.
Daphne Greengrass - In Cyd's House.
Theodore Nott - Seemed fairly normal, even if he was much in the company of Dorny.
Pansy Parkinson - Is set to marry Dunstan. Friend of young Herr Malfoy.
Bridgette Dorny - Suspicious. Especially since her disappearance.
Cydney Heidegger - Ah, liebchen. I worry about her, sometimes. She has a rebel streak, though it's different from Janna's and from Philis'. I would not leave her alone with any man Kat brings home.
Benedict Dunstan - Is engaged. Rather early for such things I believe.
Kiara Bundy - Friend of Dorny.
Roland Battersby - Prankster. Claims to have seen my sister naked.
Malcolm Baddock - Candidate for Queen Bee Lennox's drone, I believe.
June Lennox - Queen Bee. Complete with buzzing workers. No breeding yet, thank God.
Adrian Pucey - n/a
Professor Severus Snape - A bit "uptight" perhaps; strict. Needs to wash his hair more often.
Professor Sybill Trelawney - Strange woman.
Professor Remus Lupin - A good man. I rather like his teaching methods, from what I've heard of them.
Professor Celeste Sinistra - A bit reclusive, but I have seen her talking with Vector, so at least she has friends.
Professor Iokaste "Chrys" Vector - Needs to take better care of her body; needs to get out more. Has, on occasion, appeared to suffer from unrequieted feelings.
Professor Julianna Underwood - I should make contact; poor woman has been through hell recently.
Professor Vivienne Willowcroft - Friend of Underwood. More staid and formal than her friend, which seems to have, at one point, caused a rift between them.
Professor Christopher Jennings - Quite the charmer. Has his ghosts, but seems to be dealling with them fairly well. Rather attached to Lamport.
Rhys Finbar - Stranger than his mentor Trelawney. For that reason, I do not worry about Cyd trying anything.
Cassandra Lamport - Teaching assistant to Hagrid. Animal lover. Quite attached to Jennings.
Pia Xadora - Not quite as strange as Trelawney or Finbar, but still strange.
Marie Heidegger
Sean Sutherland - Too bad he wasn't Irish.
Faith Adams - We get along rather well.
Iseul Yoon - So straight-laced that I am surprised said laces have not stopped her breathing.
Kate Dawson - n/a
Lucius Malfoy - From what I hear, very vain. Type of man Kat would want to associate with, but not necesarilly sleep with.
Geoffrey Cambridge - A Very Bad Man, from tidbits I have heard.
Elsa Thurkell - I think I may have heard her linked with Cambridge.
Natalia Mantovani - n/a
Fred Weasley - Reputation of a mischief maker.
Dougal Morgan - n/a
Auria ti Ringrazio - n/a
Roger Davies - n/a
Clara Warrington - Pretty. Possibley has things about herself that she may not realise.
Brady Fowler - n/a
Adrian P. Fairclough - n/a
Celeste Samuels - n/a
"Obhool" - Ah, Phil's band. They are starting to go places, but they all have their issues. Phil is still finding herself; Petra is trying to prove herself more than ever; and Blondie? I am not so sure, other than she tries to keep the groups together and relatively sane.
Bellona Broomfield - Andi's boss. Runs a magazine that is no doubt very good for helping teenagers face themselves and the world.

Harry Potter - All: The Boy Who Lived
Ron Weasley - n/a
Hermione Granger - Philis: Cyd said she's smart.
Lavender Brown - Blondie: She's great! So personable! And her smiley faces in WIM seem to unnerve Pet!
Parvati Patil - n/a
Ginny Weasley - n/a
Amelia Dewitt - n/a
Euan Abercrombie - n/a
Mayzie Bradley - n/a
Madison Capper - n/a
Justin Finch-Fletchley - n/a
Wayne Hopkins - n/a
Eloise Midgen - n/a
Sally-Ann Perks - n/a
Pascual d'Avion - n/a
Adam Summers - n/a
Étienne Delacroix - All: Broomfield's source of Hogwarts info.
Abigail Wellings - n/a
Michael Corner - n/a
Anthony Goldstein - n/a
Su Li - n/a
Morag MacDougal - n/a
Lisa Turpin - n/a
Stephen Cornfoot - n/a
Alexis Moon - n/a
Luna Lovegood - n/a
Sarah Fawcett - n/a
Astrid Dalkin - n/a
Draco Malfoy - All: Malfoy heir; Philis: Cyd's said he was good looking a few times.
Vincent Crabbe - n/a
Daphne Greengrass - n/a
Theodore Nott - n/a
Pansy Parkinson - n/a
Bridgette Dorny - n/a
Cydney Heidegger - Philis: Baby sister!/ Petra: She's alright. Stole our vodka, though./Blondie: I think she wanted The Cat's (boy)toy...
Benedict Dunstan - n/a
Kiara Bundy - n/a
Roland Battersby - Philis: Marie says Cyd hit on him pretty hard at some ball.
Malcolm Baddock - n/a
June Lennox - n/a
Adrian Pucey - n/a
Professor Severus Snape - Philis: Cyd's Head of House.
Professor Sybill Trelawney - n/a
Professor Remus Lupin - n/a
Professor Celeste Sinistra - n/a
Professor Iokaste "Chrys" Vector - n/a
Professor Julianna Underwood - n/a
Professor Vivienne Willowcroft - n/a
Professor Christopher Jennings - n/a
Rhys Finbar - n/a
Cassandra Lamport - n/a
Pia Xadora - n/a
Marie Heidegger - Philis: Oldest sis. Great person, even if she does get a bit creepy sometimes./Petra: Ditto on the sometimes creepy. But hey, she got us noticed./Blondie: Woo!
Sean Sutherland - n/a
Faith Adams - n/a
Iseul Yoon - n/a
Kate Dawson - n/a
Lucius Malfoy - Blondie: You should see Phil's "imitation".../Philis: ::rolls eyes. Nazi salute:: Heil Voldemort./Petra: doubt.
Geoffrey Cambridge - n/a
Elsa Thurkell - n/a
Natalia Mantovani - n/a
Fred Weasley - n/a
Dougal Morgan - n/a
Auria ti Ringrazio - n/a
Roger Davies - n/a
Clara Warrington - All: Tamsin Blight./Petra: No competition. We're in totally different genres.
Brady Fowler - n/a
Adrian P. Fairclough - n/a
Celeste Samuels - n/a
Bellona Broomfield - All: FIRST GIG!/Philis: Very well spoken, has good taste in refreshments./Petra: A genius. That magazine of hers was a brilliant idea./Blondie: She and her girlfriend are such a cute couple :D
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