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Exercise in Character Relations: Part 2.

More to come after this.

Harry Potter - Well, he's the Boy Who Lived. Everyone thinks he's insane, but obviously he isn't, when we look at what's going on. He's alright, I guess. He's done a lot of good, but I don't have any strong feelings one way or another. It was nice of him to help out with the carnival this summer.
Ron Weasley - Ron visited Mayzie and I when we were in the infirmary after Malfoy's dirty prank. He's really nice, though he's never seperate from his core group of friends, so I don't really speak to him much. He's fun, though.
Hermione Granger - She's very stuck, but she seems a little bit too high strung for me.
Lavender Brown - Don't even get me started on her. She's okay, but she's definitely the least sharp tool in the shed, and I'm still sore over her and Parvati making up stories about Mayzie and I.
Parvati Patil - I think she's smarter than Lavender, and is probably the brains of that operation. I'm also still annoyed with her about the gossip thing, so yes, no further comment. And she dated Malfoy. I mean, Malfoy.
Ginny Weasley - She's Ron's sister. She seems okay. That's all I know.
Amelia Dewitt - She helped out this summer too. She's nice enough. I felt bad for her at the Formal, and I guess that she's going out with the Friar or Potter or both - that was strange.
Euan Abercrombie - Who?
Mayzie Bradley - Mayzie! My best friend on earth, and it's going to stay that way. She's a true Hufflepuff, she's wonderful at drawing and she's a good writer, she's always there for me when I need her - I love Mayzie. I don't know what I'd do without her here.
Madison Capper
Justin Finch-Fletchley - Justin's a good friend, even if he's a bit clueless sometimes. I'm glad to know him.
Wayne Hopkins - Wayne's a good guy, but I really wish that he'd tone down the perversion and the insanity for a little bit, you know?
Eloise Midgen - Eloise is great. I really feel as if I can trust her and she's another very close friend. I'm so happy for her and Merton.
Sally-Ann Perks - Sally-Ann is so cute. I really like her, though sometimes I don't know what she's thinking when she speaks.
Pascual d'Avion - He's very nice. I haven't really had the chance to get to know him, but he helped me up in Honeyduke's, so there's a point. He seems like a good guy.
Adam Summers - Adam doesn't talk to me. He's strange, and mainly hangs around with his camera and Abigail Wellings. I don't even know what I think of him.
Étienne Delacroix - Etienne's nice, but I don't know him that well.
Abigail Wellings - Okay, she's just flat-out insane.
Michael Corner - ... I can't even put it into words. I still love him. I thought I could see softness under that Don Juan badboy/playboy exterior, which was so adorable, but obviously I was wrong. I miss him, but.. I hate him and love him at the same time. I just wish that.. I don't know. I don't even know. I'm not over it, although I'm pretending to be.
Anthony Goldstein - He's very pervy.
Su Li - She's a good friend. I feel terrible that she's had so many hardships, with her father and all. I really like Su.
Morag MacDougal - She's obviously a good person, if she wants to be a Healer, but she's got an attitude that I could really do without.
Lisa Turpin - Lisa's really nice. I really like her. She's sweet and just an overall really good person.
Stephen Cornfoot - I don't really know him very well; he keeps to himself.
Alexis Moon - She reminds me of my father, which is strange. She's very argumentative, but she seems alright, I guess.
Luna Lovegood - I've never spoken to Luna, but she seems to be insane.
Sarah Fawcett - She seems alright. She keeps to herself, so I don't really know.
Astrid Dalkin - See above.
Draco Malfoy - Dirty little bastard. I hate him.
Vincent Crabbe - Cronie.
Daphne Greengrass - A mean, mean girl.
Theodore Nott - Ass.
Pansy Parkinson - Malfoy-obsessed mean girl.
Bridgette Dorny - An even meaner girl.
Cydney Heidegger - She's okay.
Benedict Dunstan - Jerk.
Kiara Bundy - Seemingly mean girl.
Roland Battersby - He's random, but a good friend. He makes me think twice about Slytherins. I know that we'll never work out, and I accepted that long ago. I wish that he would. He's funny, and great to hang out with, and I trust him, though.. I wish he would look somewhere else. He knows me well, but I still can't predict his actions most of the time.
Malcolm Baddock - He seems alright, other than the associations that he makes.
June Lennox - A very mean girl with a gang of mean, stupid girls.
Adrian Pucey - I just know that Roland wasn't fond of him. Then again, Roland isn't fond of the majority of his housemates, though he pretends to be.
Professor Severus Snape - He's frightening. He's smart, though. But frightening, biased, and a little cruel. He needs to wash his hair, too.
Professor Sybill Trelawney - She obviously has done a little magical marijuana in her time.
Professor Remus Lupin - Great DADA teacher, nice guy. He likes his chocolate, it seems.
Professor Celeste Sinistra - She's okay.
Professor Iokaste "Chrys" Vector - She's also okay.
Professor Julianna Underwood - She's nice, and okay - I don't take Latin, so I really can't say.
Professor Vivienne Willowcroft - See above, I guess.
Professor Christopher Jennings - He's a cutie. He's also a good teacher. I hear that he's with Professor Lamport.
Rhys Finbar - See Trelawney.
Cassandra Lamport - She's smart, and seems to care about animals a lot. She's kind of new agey for an actual witch - like those muggle incense/candle store owners.
Pia Xadora - See Trelawney.
Marie Heidegger - She's also okay.
Sean Sutherland - n/a.
Faith Adams - Who on earth is that?
Iseul Yoon - See Adams.
Kate Dawson - n/a.
Lucius Malfoy - Evil, frightening bastard, just like his son, only his son is not frightening.
Geoffrey Cambridge - n/a.
Elsa Thurkell - n/a.
Natalia Mantovani - n/a.
Fred Weasley - Fred and his brother were both hilariously fun.
Dougal Morgan - n/a.
Auria ti Ringrazio - Nice.
Roger Davies - I remember that Hannah used to have a crush on him.
Clara Warrington - I really like her band, but she seems like a horrible diva to me.
Brady Fowler - n/a.
Adrian P. Fairclough - n/a.
Celeste Samuels - n/a.
"Obhool" - Weren't they supposed to play here for the bash? What is an "obhool," anyway?
Bellona Broomfield - Editor of a magazine which I quite respect. I'd like to get an interview with her as a feature in the Herald relating to diversity and the lack of acceptance in our school before we leave (if they ever let us! Honestly, pass restriction even if we have a chaperone?)

Harry Potter - THE BOY WHO LIVED. He's swell.
Ron Weasley - TBWL's friend. He seems alright. Luna seems to like him.
Hermione Granger - Boring.
Lavender Brown - Happy.
Parvati Patil - Malfoy-lover. Smarter version of Lavender Brown.
Ginny Weasley - Oh, I don't know how much she likes me.
Amelia Dewitt - If she likes the Friar, I'm alright with her!
Euan Abercrombie - He's a little scaredy, poor boy.
Mayzie Bradley - She's okay, I don't know.
Madison Capper - She's just like Mayzie.
Justin Finch-Fletchley - He doesn't like Martin Miggs, ew.
Wayne Hopkins - He's a fun guy.
Eloise Midgen - Her nose falls off.
Sally-Ann Perks - Button-Collecting Squad.
Pascual d'Avion - Francais!
Adam Summers - He is my husband, and the best one in the world. Him and Cam.
Étienne Delacroix - He's nice, and good at chess.
Abigail Wellings
Michael Corner - He reminds me of a pirate.
Anthony Goldstein - He's attractive and Jewish.
Su Li - Her name is Su Li.
Morag MacDougal - I dislike her because she is rude. MacRUDEgal.
Lisa Turpin - Nice girl, too quiet.
Stephen Cornfoot - I like to watch him think.
Alexis Moon - I like her last name.
Luna Lovegood - Luna is very intelligent, though some of her theories are completely incorrect. I like Investigating with her.
Sarah Fawcett - Too quiet.
Astrid Dalkin - Not too quiet, but too quiet in words.
Draco Malfoy - Draco Malfoy, what's your problem?
Vincent Crabbe - No mind of his own. It's sad.
Daphne Greengrass - Bad.
Theodore Nott - Bad.
Pansy Parkinson - Untrustworthy, bad.
Bridgette Dorny - Evil.
Cydney Heidegger - I don't know.
Benedict Dunstan - Bad.
Kiara Bundy - Bad.
Roland Battersby - He dated a Puff, therefore I accept him. PUFF PRIDE.
Malcolm Baddock - No no no.
Adrian Pucey - Who ?
Professor Severus Snape - I would like to hug him, just to see his reaction.
Professor Sybill Trelawney - Silly.
Professor Remus Lupin - Good.
Professor Celeste Sinistra - Meh.
Professor Iokaste "Chrys" Vector - Meh.
Professor Julianna Underwood - Meh.
Professor Vivienne Willowcroft - Meh.
Professor Christopher Jennings - Maybe I'll Marry him.
Rhys Finbar - He's not a very good Investigation partner.
Cassandra Lamport - Good with animals, very pleasant.
Pia Xadora - Silly.
Marie Heidegger - Good lady.
Sean Sutherland - n/a.
Faith Adams - CLANDESTINE.
Iseul Yoon - ^
Kate Dawson - n/a.
Lucius Malfoy - Scary.
Geoffrey Cambridge - n/a.
Elsa Thurkell - n/a.
Natalia Mantovani - n/a.
Fred Weasley - Legend.
Dougal Morgan - n/a.
Auria ti Ringrazio - Very good at her job!
Roger Davies - Obsessed with Hufflepuffs, I can tell!
Clara Warrington - Secretly Voldemort.
Brady Fowler - n/a.
Adrian P. Fairclough - n/a.
Celeste Samuels - Wouldn't give me the number of the Wasps' robemaker.
"Obhool" - Band.
Bellona Broomfield - Editing Woman.
Alexis Moon</strike>
Luna Lovegood - She's off her rocker, most certainly. She's interesting, but I can't understand how she believes in such absurdities, even when they're proven wrong.
Sarah Fawcett - She never speaks. She obviously thinks a lot, though.
Astrid Dalkin - She's talented, but has never spoken to me.
Draco Malfoy - I despise him and everything that he so obviously stands for.
Vincent Crabbe - Lackeys don't rate highly in my books.
Daphne Greengrass - She doesn't seem to think for herself; she only believes what she's been told to by her parents.
Theodore Nott - He's like another Malfoy, or so it seems.
Pansy Parkinson - She's very complex, but in the end, her belief and values system doesn't seem very respectable.
Bridgette Dorny - Girl-Malfoy.
Cydney Heidegger - I have no problem with her. She actually seems quite different than the other Slytherins, and even nice.
Benedict Dunstan - He's needlessly cruel.
Kiara Bundy - She seems just like Greengrass and Dorny.
Roland Battersby - Another misfit Slytherin. He's a bit odd, and I don't really know anything about him other than that.
Malcolm Baddock - Sixth year, seems to like June Lennox, and that's all I know.
June Lennox - She's most certainly girl-Malfoy if Dorny isn't.
Adrian Pucey - He was a bit like Dunstan, I think. I can't recall.
Professor Severus Snape - He's interesting, but I dislike his inability to control whatever bitter feelings he has towards the students.
Professor Sybill Trelawney - She believes in the unrealistic and I really don't respect her at all.
Professor Remus Lupin - He's an amazing teacher.
Professor Celeste Sinistra - She's alright.
Professor Iokaste "Chrys" Vector - I suppose I like her.
Professor Julianna Underwood - She's alright.
Professor Vivienne Willowcroft - She doesn't express her opinion aloud enough.
Professor Christopher Jennings - I'd love to know more about his training and abilities as an animagus.
Rhys Finbar - Same as Trelawney.
Cassandra Lamport - She's very intelligent and good with animals. I don't understand how she isn't a vegetarian or a vegan, if she loves them so, but I suppose it's like that for many. I like how she teaches - Professor Hagrid doesn't have enough polish.
Pia Xadora - Same as Trelawney.
Marie Heidegger - I've never really spoken with her.
Sean Sutherland - n/a.
Faith Adams - She's pretending to be a counselor, isn't she?
Iseul Yoon - She's also pretending.
Kate Dawson - n/a.
Lucius Malfoy - He's corrupted the government since he left Hogwarts, as has the rest of his family, and his case is very interesting to read about.
Geoffrey Cambridge - n/a.
Elsa Thurkell - n/a.
Natalia Mantovani - n/a.
Fred Weasley - A little silly, but obviously intelligent and motivated nonetheless.
Dougal Morgan - n/a.
Auria ti Ringrazio - n/a.
Roger Davies - He was very popular, but I never spoke to him, really.
Clara Warrington - I'm not fond of her work. She's fabricated.
Brady Fowler - n/a.
Adrian P. Fairclough - n/a.
Celeste Samuels - n/a.
"Obhool" - n/a.
Bellona Broomfield - n/a.
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